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Winter Sunset Over Snowy Lake Powell

Lake Powell SnowSoon I was rewarded with the most wonderful soft sunset glow, very much amplifying the red rocks in the clouds, the sun’s colors in the snow and really making the the saturated clouds and water pop. It was interesting how the sun-lit, warm faces started to lose their snowy highlights and the cooler shaded sides kept theirs and added a lot of detail to the other side.

With huge vistas of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah I could easily see some continued snowfall and clouds many miles up lake.

Lake Powell Snow

Lake Powell Winter Storm

It certainly was fantastic to see the newly white beaches and although as relatively rare snowfall is in the area to the rest of the country, it served to remind me how snow, ice, freeze-thaw and water just like this have shaped and formed this landscape over millions of years.

Antelope Lake Powell Snow

Wahweap Marina Lake Powell Christmas

Although my previous photograph was shot from my backyard in Greenehaven, the next time it snowed I needed to get more visual interest in my photographs. So I ran down to Wahweap to get closer to the water.

It was a race to catch the snow, the clouds and the sun in perfect balance before time got the best of me and the landscape returned to normal. But with such dramatic (and changing) weather, even a pull off along the entrance to Wahweap looks magical.

Wahweap from the South Entrance
Snow over Wahweap from the South Entrance

I wanted to show that some lucky houseboaters were in the magic as it happened so I composed this photo with some of the houseboats moored at the marina and a rental houseboat coming in. Perhaps not visually the most dramatic for a landscape, but a fun memory.

Wahweap Marina Snow
Wahweap Marina, Lake Powell Snow

The light got more dramatic and I made great use of my telephoto to capture some warm glow on the mesa across the lake, but you’ll have to check back later for that post!

Of Course It Snows on Lake Powell Too

I’ve got a number of good photographs from two different days of wonderful snowfall on Lake Powell. One was on a Thanksgiving and the other on Christmas Day!

As we enjoy our relatively mild Winter this year I figured it would be a nice treat to show you the beautiful juxtaposition of snowfall, desert and lake.

Lake Powell Snow as seen from Greenehaven, AZ
Lake Powell Snow as seen from Greenehaven, AZ

There is an iconic photograph of snow on Lake Powell in 1987 by Gary Ladd which I am privileged to have been given a print by the photographer. It was definitely right place, right time as Gary was camped out on Alstrom Point!

Look for more winter Lake Powell photographs in the coming days.

Photographing Sunsets over Lake Powell – Part 2

Here is the epitome of an Arizona sunset: it really puts the Arizona state flag into perspective. The patch of clouds casting beams of shadows (or the sun casting beams of light, depending on how full your glass is).

Arizona Sunset
Godbeams and Sunset over Arizona

As you may have seen in the Virga post, drops of rain from a storm at sunset catch the red light as they try to reach the ground.

Sunset and Rain
Sunset and Rain

Although the sun is a little too high in this shot to give us the epic sunset clouds over the lake, I really like the cooler colors during this Monsoon-season frame and the contrast of the dark clouds overhead. By the time the sun came down enough to begin to light the clouds over the lake it became obscured and the show was over.

Lake Powell Golden Hour
Lake Powell Golden Hour