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Wahweap Marina Lake Powell Christmas

Although my previous photograph was shot from my backyard in Greenehaven, the next time it snowed I needed to get more visual interest in my photographs. So I ran down to Wahweap to get closer to the water.

It was a race to catch the snow, the clouds and the sun in perfect balance before time got the best of me and the landscape returned to normal. But with such dramatic (and changing) weather, even a pull off along the entrance to Wahweap looks magical.

Wahweap from the South Entrance
Snow over Wahweap from the South Entrance

I wanted to show that some lucky houseboaters were in the magic as it happened so I composed this photo with some of the houseboats moored at the marina and a rental houseboat coming in. Perhaps not visually the most dramatic for a landscape, but a fun memory.

Wahweap Marina Snow
Wahweap Marina, Lake Powell Snow

The light got more dramatic and I made great use of my telephoto to capture some warm glow on the mesa across the lake, but you’ll have to check back later for that post!

Alstrom Point, Lake Powell – Part 3

Crossing Wahweap Wash
Crossing Wahweap Wash
You never know what the flow of the Wahweap Wash will be like until you get there but most times it will look like this.

If the water is moving rapidly or the soft prehistoric muck is wet this area can be impassible. I strongly encourage that if you attempt this adventure please do not take any unnecessary chances with getting stuck or injured. The local authorities do maintain this County Road a couple times a year but if the wash has been flowing it will cut into the route deeply.

If the pass is clear you will eventually be rewarded with a fantastic elevated view of Lake Powell.

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I will leave the rest of the navigation up to you. The Google Map may not include all of the jeep trails. I have a U.S. Geological Survey topographic map (USGS Topo) that I purchased at Glen Canyon Dam Visitor’s Center that I used to learn the area.

Photographing Sunsets over Lake Powell – Part 3

As usual in the Summer on Lake Powell your vacation may not include any clouds. Sunsets still offer us the canvas of the brilliant canyon walls and will reward you with breathtaking orange explosions of color.

These photographs were all taken from an observation point off Highway 89 between the North and South entrances to Wahweap Marina. It’s a quick gravel road uphill to a small parking lot. Please be careful entering and exiting this stop — it’s off the highway and there are not turn lanes.

Here we get a wonderful comparison in size between these massive houseboats in the marina and the surrounding canyons.

Sunset Lake Powell Wahweap Marina
Sunset Lake Powell Wahweap Marina

One of the most recognizable outcroppings in Lake Powell along Wahweap is Castle Rock, here it dwarfs a rental power boat cruising the bay.

Sunset Boater Castle Rock Lake Powell
Sunset Boater Castle Rock Lake Powell

Looking over Antelope Island into Arizona is Tower Butte. A good friend of mine was hired once to photograph a wedding performed on top of Tower Butte. Just a pilot, minister, the happy couple and this photographer were able to take the helicopter to it’s plateau — after quite a bit of work to get the necessary permission. The story is that they found a tee and some golf balls on top.

Sunset Tower Butte Lake Powell
Sunset Tower Butte Lake Powell