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Alstrom Point Part 7 – Camping on Lake Powell

The weather can be quite extreme up here and because of the loose sand your typical tent stakes will not hold your tent down in any wind. My solution is to get some weight on the stakes by piling rocks on. The last thing you want is to find your tent sailing into the lake!

Camping on Alstrom Point
Good Morning Lake Powell

It’s quite a long ways down as you can see by this photograph looking down into Gunsight Bay. Although on our many trips we’ve discussed the logistics of climbing either up or down these cliffs it’s a challenge that does not need to be met.

Gunsight Bay Lake Powell Houseboats
Houseboats in Gunsight Bay, Lake Powell

Photographing Sunsets over Lake Powell – Part 3

As usual in the Summer on Lake Powell your vacation may not include any clouds. Sunsets still offer us the canvas of the brilliant canyon walls and will reward you with breathtaking orange explosions of color.

These photographs were all taken from an observation point off Highway 89 between the North and South entrances to Wahweap Marina. It’s a quick gravel road uphill to a small parking lot. Please be careful entering and exiting this stop — it’s off the highway and there are not turn lanes.

Here we get a wonderful comparison in size between these massive houseboats in the marina and the surrounding canyons.

Sunset Lake Powell Wahweap Marina
Sunset Lake Powell Wahweap Marina

One of the most recognizable outcroppings in Lake Powell along Wahweap is Castle Rock, here it dwarfs a rental power boat cruising the bay.

Sunset Boater Castle Rock Lake Powell
Sunset Boater Castle Rock Lake Powell

Looking over Antelope Island into Arizona is Tower Butte. A good friend of mine was hired once to photograph a wedding performed on top of Tower Butte. Just a pilot, minister, the happy couple and this photographer were able to take the helicopter to it’s plateau — after quite a bit of work to get the necessary permission. The story is that they found a tee and some golf balls on top.

Sunset Tower Butte Lake Powell
Sunset Tower Butte Lake Powell