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The Big Cut – AZ Highway 89

Although The Big Cut of AZ Highway 89 into the Antelope Mesa on the way between Flagstaff and Page represents man’s forceful domination of the landscape it is also inspiring in terms of its engineering and scale. The cut itself is a wide swath of Kaibab formation blasted and chiseled away to let this thin ribbon of asphalt emerge on top of the mesa.

The south side of the plateau offers brilliant views of the Grand Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, and Lee’s Ferry. The north side of the plateau is a impossibly (relatively) flat plateau of grasses, sage, mesquite and juniper.

I love this picture for its stark, graphic display. It looks amazing printed. My scan of this slide introduced a light/halo artifact in the cut but I didn’t feel it detracted from the image.

The Big Cut © Ryan Hertz
The Big Cut © Ryan Hertz

Winter Sunset Over Snowy Lake Powell

Lake Powell SnowSoon I was rewarded with the most wonderful soft sunset glow, very much amplifying the red rocks in the clouds, the sun’s colors in the snow and really making the the saturated clouds and water pop. It was interesting how the sun-lit, warm faces started to lose their snowy highlights and the cooler shaded sides kept theirs and added a lot of detail to the other side.

With huge vistas of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah I could easily see some continued snowfall and clouds many miles up lake.

Lake Powell Snow

Lake Powell Winter Storm

It certainly was fantastic to see the newly white beaches and although as relatively rare snowfall is in the area to the rest of the country, it served to remind me how snow, ice, freeze-thaw and water just like this have shaped and formed this landscape over millions of years.

Antelope Lake Powell Snow

Abstract Water Photograph

Here’s a rather straight-forward abstract photograph that I took that I feel embodies Lake Powell very well. In some ripples we see the warm reflection of some Navajo Sandstone.

If you enjoy my photographs please consider contacting me to make prints. Although the advertising on this site may eventually pay for its costs selling some photographs will help support continued photographic expeditions.

Lake Powell Photography by Ryan Hertz
Lake Powell Photography by Ryan Hertz

Lake Powell Night Life – Full Moon over Lake Powell

With wonderfully clear skies Lake Powell plays host to incredible beauty at night as well as the daytime. My favorite is when the full moon dances over the lake during sunset or dusk.

For those who have ever tried to capture the awe of a huge full moon only to be disappointed by the relative actual size here’s my secret for this photograph: multiple exposure. I first exposed and shot the moon with a 300mm and then on the same frame composed the rest of the image. In such modern times with digital cameras you could accomplish the same thing in Photoshop, but I am very happy with my “natural” photo manipulation.

Full Moon over Lake Powell
Full Moon over Lake Powell

I took this photograph of the moon and Navajo Mountain from the scenic viewpoint between the North and South Wahweap park entrance roads. No trickery here aside from the (grainy) high speed film which allowed me to capture this without a tripod. I love how clearly you can see the snow and detail on the mountain.

Full Moon and Navajo Mountain at Sunset
Full Moon and Navajo Mountain at Sunset