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Alstrom Point Part 7 – Camping on Lake Powell

The weather can be quite extreme up here and because of the loose sand your typical tent stakes will not hold your tent down in any wind. My solution is to get some weight on the stakes by piling rocks on. The last thing you want is to find your tent sailing into the lake!

Camping on Alstrom Point
Good Morning Lake Powell

It’s quite a long ways down as you can see by this photograph looking down into Gunsight Bay. Although on our many trips we’ve discussed the logistics of climbing either up or down these cliffs it’s a challenge that does not need to be met.

Gunsight Bay Lake Powell Houseboats
Houseboats in Gunsight Bay, Lake Powell

Alstrom Point, Lake Powell – Part 2

Alstrom Point understandably attracts photographers and you can see why. It is one of the most dramatic vistas that can be reached within a few hours drive of Page, AZ.

Although I would typically prefer to be alone in my exploration of Alstrom Point, this couple of photographers made for a wonderful subject and helps illustrate the scale. After they took their sunset photographs they made their way out of the area and left us to our camping in isolation.

Photographers at Alstrom Point overlooking Padre Bay during Sunset
Alstrom Point is a great place to catch sunset photos
Alstrom Point Lake Powell
Alstrom Point Lake Powell

Alstrom Point, Gunsight Butte and Padre Bay

If your explorations of Lake Powell are on land and you’re the adventurous type there is the most amazing place to surround yourself with the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Alstrom Point can be reached carefully by car in the right conditions, often by a vehicle with sufficient ground clearance, usually by 4×4 or offroad vehicle, and sometimes not at all — some sections of the road are impassible when wet, raining or when the Pariah river is deep. Yes, there is a river crossing.

From there you are climbing up to the rim of the Glen Canyon, passing through some old cattle roads, a grave or two, scrambling over rock-strewn slickrock, bogging down in drifting sand and eventually out over Lake Powell.

I’ve spent so much time at this place that I will definitely have to dedicate quite a few posts to it. Let’s start with some photographs to give you an idea of the kinds of views you can experience from this very special place.

One calm morning after camping on Alstrom Point I was treated to some glass-smooth water and a chance to take some atypical photos. The almost aerial perspective and reflections made for an abstract image that I really like. The water is so smooth that you can see the reflection of clouds overhead.

Padre Bay Stratified Sandstone from Alstrom Point
Padre Bay Stratified Sandstone from Alstrom Point

Here’s another slightly abstract landscape: what appears to be a small kidney floating in a sea of blue is likely the top of a massive rock formation.

Island in Padre Bay
Island in Padre Bay

Looking across Padre Bay to Gunsight Butte, named for its resemblance of a rifle barrel and end sight, across Gunsight Bay and off to Navajo Mountain.

Gunsight Butte, Navajo Mountain, Lake Powell
Gunsight Butte, Navajo Mountain, Lake Powell