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Lake Powell Night Life – Full Moon over Lake Powell

With wonderfully clear skies Lake Powell plays host to incredible beauty at night as well as the daytime. My favorite is when the full moon dances over the lake during sunset or dusk.

For those who have ever tried to capture the awe of a huge full moon only to be disappointed by the relative actual size here’s my secret for this photograph: multiple exposure. I first exposed and shot the moon with a 300mm and then on the same frame composed the rest of the image. In such modern times with digital cameras you could accomplish the same thing in Photoshop, but I am very happy with my “natural” photo manipulation.

Full Moon over Lake Powell
Full Moon over Lake Powell

I took this photograph of the moon and Navajo Mountain from the scenic viewpoint between the North and South Wahweap park entrance roads. No trickery here aside from the (grainy) high speed film which allowed me to capture this without a tripod. I love how clearly you can see the snow and detail on the mountain.

Full Moon and Navajo Mountain at Sunset
Full Moon and Navajo Mountain at Sunset

Alstrom Point Part 7 – Camping on Lake Powell

The weather can be quite extreme up here and because of the loose sand your typical tent stakes will not hold your tent down in any wind. My solution is to get some weight on the stakes by piling rocks on. The last thing you want is to find your tent sailing into the lake!

Camping on Alstrom Point
Good Morning Lake Powell

It’s quite a long ways down as you can see by this photograph looking down into Gunsight Bay. Although on our many trips we’ve discussed the logistics of climbing either up or down these cliffs it’s a challenge that does not need to be met.

Gunsight Bay Lake Powell Houseboats
Houseboats in Gunsight Bay, Lake Powell