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Welcome to the Lake Powell Page

Welcome to the Lake Powell Page. Here you’ll find my review of Lake Powell in pictures and words from 1996 to today. I lived in Page, AZ USA from 1996-2001 and had taken many thousands of photographs of the lake and surrounding areas (Grand Staircase Escalante, Pariah, Lee’s Ferry, Grand Canyon, Bryce and of course the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area). I recently had a portion of my collection of slides scanned and will be sharing them here with you.

Let’s start off with a picture of the lake back when it was at full pool. Here in the back of this canyon the tall sides reflect the light of a low sun back and forth towards the bottom, the quality of the light gets soft and picks up the warm colors of the canyon walls. Unique in this photograph is the large piece of drift wood. As the lake approached full capacity all of the floating wood made its way up to the ends of the canyons. A trip to Lake Powell today would not yield nearly the quantity of available firewood as the lower lake levels have stranded any remaining flotsam high up in the cliffs of the full pool level.

A large piece of driftwood in the back of a canyon on Lake Powell
A large piece of driftwood in the back of a canyon on Lake Powell

I hope you enjoy my photography and if you’re interested in any prints please contact me.