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The Big Cut – AZ Highway 89

Although The Big Cut of AZ Highway 89 into the Antelope Mesa on the way between Flagstaff and Page represents man’s forceful domination of the landscape it is also inspiring in terms of its engineering and scale. The cut itself is a wide swath of Kaibab formation blasted and chiseled away to let this thin ribbon of asphalt emerge on top of the mesa.

The south side of the plateau offers brilliant views of the Grand Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, and Lee’s Ferry. The north side of the plateau is a impossibly (relatively) flat plateau of grasses, sage, mesquite and juniper.

I love this picture for its stark, graphic display. It looks amazing printed. My scan of this slide introduced a light/halo artifact in the cut but I didn’t feel it detracted from the image.

The Big Cut © Ryan Hertz
The Big Cut © Ryan Hertz