Honda ATV Lake Powell Arizona Utah

Alstrom Point, Lake Powell – Part 4

So now that I’ve tried to scare you from driving your car to Alstrom Point I thought I’d throw out a photograph of the nearly perfect vehicles for exploring around Glen Canyon NRA and Lake Powell.

These Honda ATVs (all terrain vehicles) made for a fast and nimble arrival to Alstrom Point and continued to be our modern horses for some exploration off-lake around the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

Honda ATV Lake Powell Arizona Utah
Honda ATVs Lake Powell Arizona Utah

I will venture off virtually to the Grand Staircase Escalante in some future posts.

2 thoughts on “Alstrom Point, Lake Powell – Part 4”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for the helpful review. 2 questions.
    Did you go to Alstrom Pt twice – once by car and once ATV and did you get to the same viewpoint each time.
    2. Most reviews I’ve read talk about road 264 to Alstrom Pt being a reasonable road (perhaps even passable without 4WD) until the last 2 miles which is rough 4WD but maybe hikeable.
    However, one site talked about 2nd and 3rd viewpoints with the third being the best, and it said the last “few miles” are rough. Do you think you went to a fairly commonly stopped-at roads end at viewpoint 3, or do you think you were being more adventurous than even most 4WDers and exploring further, where perhaps it doesn’t look like there is a recreation road?
    I have heard about roads around this area being really rough, appearing to disappear unless you spot a cairn, looking the same, and easy to get lost in. I was wondering whether we’d have to do a few miles in this more risky environment to get the best viewpoint (3) – or if it’s pretty obvious where viewpoint 3 is and the road ends and that spot is just 2-3 miles of 4WD.
    Some photos show Alstrom Pt as a cliff edge but with some flattish-looking dry land way below before the water’s edge. Perhaps you got down to this lower land, or perhaps you got to another futher cliff edge where the base is pretty close to water’s edge (it’s hard to tell with photos where people have zoomed). Your picture with the lady on the cliff edge looks like there’s at least one kilometre of land below to the water, but your ATV picture seems to be on a cliff that is almost right above the water. Thanks in advance for any reply. Ross

    1. Hi Ross – I’ve actually been to Alstrom Point about a dozen times. 🙂 I’ve used everything from a Jeep, a conversion van, a long wheelbase RWD pickup, front wheel drive car and even a rental car.

      Yes, there are a number of places that you can stop at along the way. Most of my pictures are from what I believe you heard described as the third viewpoint. It is true, you can lose the trail as you start to cross hard sandstone/rock areas where there is not a visible two-track in the sand. If you get confused, stop the vehicle, get out and look around, you’ll usually see where it picks up again once you change your perspective.

      There are a few elevation changes that you can climb (easy scramble) to. None of them are even remotely close to the water level. Because of the variety of angles and zoom lenses my photos utilize it can be deceptive how REALLY FAR DOWN the water is.

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