Boat Camping on Lake Powell

Camping on Lake Powell

Lake Powell is probably best known for its houseboating adventures. I’ll admit, it’s one of my favorite things to do on the lake. However renting a houseboat (or even if you own one) and managing days on the lake, countless gallons of fuel and all the other responsibilities that come with piloting a large boat can sometimes be too much.

There is an element of freedom and simplicity that comes with exploring the lake on a smaller boat, be it a rental skiboat from Wahweap or a private cabin cruiser.

Boat Camping on Lake Powell
Boat Camping on Lake Powell

Here’s a great campsite we had and what it lacked in beach it made up for in a sandy flat campsite, loads of shelter from the wind and waves and a fantastic view.

Having a smaller boat can help you get uplake faster, see and do more if exploring is your goal on Lake Powell. If you’ve ever fueled a houseboat you’ll know that they’re gas guzzlers too.

Getting uplake faster means that you can also escape the relative crowds of houseboats near Wahweap and see more variety of terrain.

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